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Remote Desktop Users Group

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  • Remote Desktop Users Group

    Company I work for has a main Domain for NT accounts lets just say the name is AM. Now the group that I support uses Clearcase and so I have created Domain Controller and called it DomainA. Site will only allow one way trust so the trust has been created, and trust works fine.

    Now the system they use lets say the name is SYSTEM1 which has joined DomainA and everything works fine for 7 months. The system gets Terminal Service licenses for all the users. Now I have added my account in the Administrators and all the developers in the Remote Desktop Users Group. Now they have been able to use the search function (i.e.Start->Search) until yesterday. What happens is, the search window does not pop up anymore. If I add that group as the administrator, the search window pops up.

    I also have 6 other Windows 2003 machines in the DomainA domain as well. The ppl in the Remote Desktop Users group for those are able to access the search function except for the machine SYSTEM1 above.

    I have looked in the Local Settings Policy part and could not find anything. I have no idea if the OS is getting messed up or the Domain Controller? Any ideas any one?? Thank you for your help as always
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    Re: Remote Desktop Users Group

    From what I understand:

    1. You setup new DC in new domain.
    2. You created trust.
    3. You configure the new DC as TS.

    If so, you give the users right to sit on the domain controller it self.
    Please check if you can install another machine and setup it as
    regular server with TS.
    If you cant obtain new server, please follow the security manuals:

    Terminal Server and Group Policy:

    How to apply Group Policy objects to Terminal Services servers;EN-US;260370

    Loopback Processing of Group Policy

    Security Settings - Software Restrictions

    Introduction to Group Policy in Windows Server 2003

    Windows Server 2003 Security Guide

    Windows 2003 - Group Policy WMI Filters

    Add on tools:

    User Profile Hive Cleanup Service


    Best Regards,

    Yuval Sinay

    LinkedIn:, Blog:


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      Re: Remote Desktop Users Group

      Tgefen, thanks for the offer There is someone else that does the Administration . Well found out the fix. Apparently the machine has windows 2003 and I installed SP1. The version of clearcase that she installed a version of clearcase that is not compatible and that was causing the problem. She did not even know about the version incompatibility. She found out about it asking about something else. She installed it last week and it is workin fine now. Wierd.
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