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Software installation without administrative rights.

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  • Software installation without administrative rights.

    Here's my world today: WindowsXP used by employees without administrative. They often come to me requesting that I install some software tool or patch.

    I'm looking for an alternative to this situation because the business side of the house is seriously unhappy. I know that with Windows 7 and Server 2008r2, I can create software policies to whitelist certain software (based on a number of criteria). Is this my best option?

    How to you allow users to install software and patches (both MS and 3rd party) without making them local admins?


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    Re: Software installation without administrative rights.

    I should add that we're trying to avoid ending up in GPO hell. We'll often be installing an app for only one or two people.


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      Re: Software installation without administrative rights.

      I get around it, as do most people, by not allowing users to install software, and ensuring that company policy clearly states that all installations are to be done by IT staff only. That way, you remain in control of what is installed for policy compliance and licensing compliance.

      Furthermore, I ensure that when somebody does attempt to circumvent the security restrictions in place, having already had a warning before, that they are subject to disciplinary action.
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