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What could cause Windows 7 to not honor local user GPO?

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  • What could cause Windows 7 to not honor local user GPO?

    I build and maintain our Windows 7 desktops using VMWare Mirage. I use Mirage to build separate OS and application images, which Mirage merges together on the endpoints. In the OS image, I prepare local GPO and these settings ordinarily carry over onto the endpoints.
    Apparently, there is a bug somewhere where a particular app layer is interfering with the GPO taking effect. But it affects only the user GPO, not the computer GPO, and, most bizarrely, the local user GPO settings are intact. They are simply not being honored.
    I have to solve two issues, first, what is it about the app layer that is doing this, and second, how can it cause this. It would be obvious if it just trashed the GPO user settings, but they are intact. What could be in the way of the Windows OS and the user GPO settings that Windows cannot enforce them?
    The accounts on our systems are just local user accounts. There is no domain or AD involved.

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    Have you added an antivirus to the image before deploying?
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      No, there is no antivirus. Antivirus is its own application layer and that one I haven't deployed.