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Roaming User Profiles and Admin Access

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  • Roaming User Profiles and Admin Access

    Any help on this one would be great.

    I’ve got an issue with roaming user profiles and administrator access. I’ve set the GPO at domain level to “Add the Administrator security group to the roaming user profile share”. I enables this policy which is in Computer config admin templatessystemlogon.

    The profile is created and the user has full access to it. However as an administrator I am still not able to gain entry to the users profile without taking ownership. When I try and open the users profile I get an “access denied” error message.

    Any Suggestions?


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    Re: Roaming User Profiles and Admin Access

    I didnt found Computer config admin templatessystemlogon under my Win 2003 DC/GPO.

    Can you copy a print screen of this settings?

    Also, didnt the root folder that host the roaming profile own by domain admin group and this group have full control?
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    Yuval Sinay

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