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GPO processing when offline

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  • GPO processing when offline

    Hi all. I have never known the exact answer to this. We have various group policies applied, including computer startup scripts and user logon scripts that are pointing to UNC paths. E.g. \ \\netlogon\bin\Compstartup.vbs

    The computer and user scripts set desktop backgrounds and set local admin passwords etc. (Theres more too)

    When a user is offline, and he logs on using cached credentials but with NO access to the domain via VPN, they still have registry based policies applied (like WSUS settings, classic start menu) but I presume no cached copy of the scripts is taken and used so anything in the VBS scripts will not run when offline right?

    Also, does a users password prompt for expiry / change when they are offline and just re-sync when they connect back to the domain, even if thats over VPN where they would need to use their old password presumably (to get access to VPN)

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    Re: GPO processing when offline

    I don't know the answers, but you could easily test these out for yourself. Setup a logon script to send an email using gbmail or something similar, and see if that runs when you logon to a laptop that's disconnected from the network (but obviously still connected to the Internet). Alternatively, a script that writes the timestamp to a file.
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