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GPO not applied in xp machine

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  • GPO not applied in xp machine

    Dear all

    Hallo I'm newbie in this forum and really need help for my problem.

    I created a new GPO in the new ou.

    When I checked new gpo is applied in the server like below pic.

    When I checked in the xp machine the gpo is not applied.

    I followed the instruction from Petri forum How can I prevent users from writing to USB removable disks (USB flash drives) by using Group Policy (GPO)?

    I already use gpupdate /force in the server didn't work.

    For the information

    I use SBS server 2003 and XP machine for the client.
    Can anybody help me with this issue.


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    Re: GPO not applied in xp machine

    I can not tell by the pics, but have you attached it to a container?

    I can see you creating the GPO under "Group Policy Modeling", but does it show up anywhere under Domains?

    If it does not, you will have to attach it to the same OU that houses the XP computer.

    A screen shot of the Group Policy Management window would be nice, as that can show us where all the objects and containers are.

    Good to be back....


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      Re: GPO not applied in xp machine

      Thanks for your advice but I create a gpo under container as you can see in my pic.
      I thought the problem is come from the user profile. I deleted and create a new profile but still it didn't work
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        Re: GPO not applied in xp machine

        One thing to keep in mind with this GPO, if I remember correctly, is that I believe if the USB memory stick or sticks have already been connected to a PC, they will still function even though the GPO has been applied. You could try uninstalling all USB controllers and then see if it then works.
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          Re: GPO not applied in xp machine

          From the images below, and it may be me, but I still haven't seen an image that shows us the GPO linked to the OU that houses the PC.

          Can you please show us an image of AD, the place where the PC resides, and an image of the GPO linked to the said OU?

          Once we have this, can you then perform a GPresult on the said PC again?

          I have run through the same guide a few years ago and it worked a treat.

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            Re: GPO not applied in xp machine

            Fendy6610, you linked the GPO to the OU domain\MyCompagny\Users\Test
            So it is linked to an OU assumably for housing User-objects NOT Computer-objects??
            While the policy should be linked to an OU containing the computers!! (else,, show us the content of the *.adm)

            The GPResult from the XP computer you showed are only showing the computer settings, while you had (however wrongly) linked the gpo to users.

            The XP client is in the default cn=Computers buildin Container. It is not possible to link GPO's to this container!

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