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Add Shortcut to Roaming/Mandatory Profile

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  • Add Shortcut to Roaming/Mandatory Profile

    We have a few hundred users who use mandatory roaming profiles (restricted). All profiles are stored on the network - none local. Many of them have an auto-login with a generic username. This is going to change soon as all users will be logging in using their own user name. They will still remain members of the same OU and have the same group policies applied. An application has been installed on all of these workstations and the shortcut to the application is in the All Users profile local on the workstation. Due to the profile restrictions, the shortcut does not appear on their desktop, or in the Start Menu.

    How do I add the shortcut to the application to their start menu (or even desktop)? Is there an easy way (login script or change in the GPO) to create the shortcut to this application for them to access? Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!!

    Software/Hardware used:
    Windows Server 2k3, Active Directory, GPO Management

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    Re: Add Shortcut to Roaming/Mandatory Profile

    Have you tried actually looking for an answer? Google "batch file create shortcut" or "vbscript create shortcut" - I get plenty of suggestions when I do that...

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      Re: Add Shortcut to Roaming/Mandatory Profile

      I have found plenty of examples and even created as script. It partially works... The actual application is installed locally on each workstation, so technically there is not a "shortcut" in a central location for all users. The exe is located in c:\program files\xtender solutions. When the script runs, it copies the .exe to c:\docs & users\all users\start menu directory, but the icon does not appear on the start menu. How do I get it to pin itself to the start menu?

      The other issue I'm dealing with is that these are mandatory roaming profiles in a restricted OU. Making any change to the group policy is worse than pulling teeth.