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    In our environment, we use some web based apps that need to allow pop-ups and when the user has Yahoo or Google toolbars installed, it blocks the nessesary pop-ups we require and creates a flood of calls at our HelpDesk.

    I will admit that I am a newbie when it comes to AD and GPO. I created a simple GPO to "Block all third party browser extensions". It seems to work in my test OU, but when I removed the GPO, it is still applying to the test computer that I using as my control group. Eventhough I move the computer object back into it's original OU and ran GPUPDATE. So I have Google tool bar installed and it is still disabled. Where is my error?

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    Re: GPO Help

    If this is a question about Group Policy, should it not have been in the GPO forum? Flagged for move.
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      Re: GPO Help

      what is your environment.... ?
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        Re: GPO Help

        GPO's don't automatically reset when you remove the GPO from the system.

        What you should have done is reset the GPO to default and then applied that GPO and let it propogate out. Once reset you then delete the offending GPO.

        What you will probably need to do now is edit your local policies with the defualt settings.