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Loopback Processing setting ignored

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  • Loopback Processing setting ignored

    Hi everyone,

    In a Windows Server 2008R2 environment, I am trying to add additional User Configuration settings to my users when they connect to computers in an OU called Classes. The users are from different OU's in the domain.

    To do that, I added a policy to the Classes OU in which I enabled loopback processing on Merge mode, and the appropriate user settings (using an auto-log off screensaver, if this is relevant).

    When running both GP Modeling and GP Results, the winning policy on the screen saver is one which is linked to the whole domain (which would affect the users either way).

    I tried separating the loopback policy from the one defining the screen saver, and making it run first. That did not change the result.

    On a related note, I am slightly confused by GP Modeling - it asks me whether I want to use loopback processing. Either way it ignores the setting in the policy and acts on what I tell it. That makes little sense to me, shouldn't it just check whether I enabled loopback processing in the policy?



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    Re: Loopback Processing setting ignored

    Is the domain level policy set to enforced? With regards to the policies you have set. I take it that you are using the same setting as configured in the domain level policy apart from changing the setting?