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  • Map network drive - GPO

    Hi all,

    Network: 1 DC
    Win2K3 Standard
    XP Pro clients

    I'm trying to add a logon script to map a network drive to users on my network.

    I basically created a simple bat file: net use persistent:yes z: \\server_name\shared_folder and added it to the Logon script within the GPO.

    It works well when user logs on to machine X; but I also want that the same user while logged in on machine X to login to Machines Z, Y, etc and get the folder mapped.

    Is there anyway I can do that? Or does the folder is mapped on the machine the user logs in first?

    Help is very much appreciated.


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    Re: Map network drive - GPO

    Did you used User configuration GPO or User configuration GPO? You can add the logon script to the user profile under active directory users and computers.
    This will save you time if you working in a small company.

    How to apply Group Policy objects to Terminal Services servers;EN-US;260370

    Loopback Processing of Group Policy

    Security Settings - Software Restrictions

    Introduction to Group Policy in Windows Server 2003
    Best Regards,

    Yuval Sinay

    LinkedIn:, Blog:


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      Re: Map network drive - GPO

      use the Environment tab on the user's Active Directory object


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        Re: Map network drive - GPO

        Simondrake79: cheers, It worked well....

        yuval14: cheers for the links...using the logon script via GPO worked great. By mistake, the test user wasn't within the OU the GPO was pointing to, that's why it wasn't working in first place.

        For all: both methods work... Maybe if the network is small, the profile tab is the best solution. As I like to complicate things, I'll use GPO instead...

        Thanks again guys for the quick and helpfull responses....