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2003 AD GPO background on 2008

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  • 2003 AD GPO background on 2008


    Have a 2003 AD, where we are starting to get more and more 2008 servers. This is our test environment.

    Have added a policy that the wallpaper will be changed on all servers where it will say TEST This works fine on all Server 2003 and XP clients. But not on the 2008 servers.

    The Server is in correct OU so it gets the setting. When I go to change the background image on a 2008 server, it shows that it has the image thats comes from the policy, but still, blue background ...

    When I log off the computer, it pops the appropriate wallpaper up, before it comes to login.

    Is there anyone who can help me?

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    Re: 2003 AD GPO background on 2008

    2008 (and windows 7) included a huge range of new group policy settings, as well as a new set of options called "GPPrefs" or group policy preferences, where by you can set something as a preference, but it's not as enforced as a policy would be.

    have you seen BGInfo ? it'll be slightly annoying to deploy, but could help meet your needs.. it would display server names and all sorts of other info..
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      Re: 2003 AD GPO background on 2008


      So it's not possible to use GPO from 2003 AD, to change background on a 2008 server? I don't really need all the info that BGInfo gives, and I haven't worked any with BGInfo.

      Only need a background that says TEST with a different color


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        Re: 2003 AD GPO background on 2008


        In our environment we use Windows xp with client side extensions (this enables us to use all of hte new client side extensions provided with the newer operating systems) and mix of windows server 2003/2008/2008r2

        Current Forest is 2003

        What I do when managing Group policies is just on a 2008 member server with the group policy feature installed that way i can take advantage of the new group polices and client side extensions on the machines that are compatible. It will normally give you os support on the group policy explain tab.

        I would suggest that you try recreating the policy using the group policy management console on a windows 2008 box, see if this makes a difference. Then apply it to both 2003 and 2008 servers.