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    Hi guys, bit of help and advise would be great.

    I have recently enabled remote assistance as a policy on machines on the domain. I also intend on using SMS server.

    As I'm sure you're all aware, Remote assistance requires you to enter either the remote computers name or ip address. Unfortunately the organisation has never really had a standard computer naming convention and so when a user calls the helpdesk we are unable to determine which computer they are using.

    The Group policy has "my computer" properties disabled and also the "run" command so even with instructions, users are unable to determine the computer name or ip address. Even if I loosened up the polices, many uses would find it difficult to follow the instructions.

    I know there is a registry change that allows desktops to display the computer name under the "my computer" icon. Is there a setting in Group Policy that allows me to make this change?

    i was also thinking that there may be some script (JavaScript etc) that i could place on each desktop and when executed it generates an HTML file with the computer name and ip address.

    Any information would be great.



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    Re: Computer Name Policy

    Double Post m8

    BGINFO is what your after