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GPO Not applying ?

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  • GPO Not applying ?

    Heres my setup:
    Windows 2003 SP2 DC's w/GPO setup of course
    Citrix 4.0 / Windows 2003 SP1 machine serving clients that login

    Problem: The previous administrator at the site used the default domain policy to give access, rights etc to users that login to the citrix box. I don't want the default domain policy being used for this so I did a report on it built a new policy called "Old Default Domain Policy" mirroring the default domain policy and applied it directly to the OU where the users sit. I disabled the default domain policy and did a gpupdate /force on the Citrix box, logged in as one of the users and from my machine did a gpresult /user USERNAME /v and I see the policy is getting pushed but not applied and its not getting filtered. I'm not sure why, at this point I would prefer not upgrading the Citrix box to SP2 for those that want to start with that idea. I need the "User Rights" to apply under the new policy and as you can see they are not. Anything else I'm missing as to why its not applying? No errors in Event log.

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    Default Domain Policy
    Old Default Domain = This policy is replacing the default domain policy.
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    Re: GPO Not applying ?

    Found the answer on my own, 'machine' policy only applies to 'machines' Have to group all the computers you want the policy to apply to in their own OU, not a users only OU. All is well now, figured I'd post incase someone else ever had the same dumb problem like me for not thinking


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      Re: GPO Not applying ?

      Thanks for posting back and sharing your solution with the Community. You have gained valuable experience that money can't buy and you did it all yourself. Well Done!!
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