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2003 Server GPO for Windows 7 Firewall

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  • 2003 Server GPO for Windows 7 Firewall

    I have a Windows 2003 SBS Domain and recently added our first Windows 7 Pro client. We have installed a SQL 2008 server on the Windows 7 Pro pc, but note that none of the other clients can reach the SQL Server instance on the Windows 7 PC.

    Immediately suspect firewall needs to be opened, but in Windows 7 I see 3 new firewall groups relating to network: 'Domain', 'Home or Work', 'Internet'.

    I note that Windows 7 blocks all incoming connections by default, but the Domain firewall settings are grayed out (assume these are controlled by a GPO).

    When I go back to the 2003 Server, I cannot seem to find any GPO that will be needed to control Windows 7 Adv Firewall.

    1. Can I create a GPO to control the Windows 7 Firewall from the 2003 Server GPO Editor?
    2. How do I simply turn off the Windows 7 firewall for the Domain?
    3. What Firewall rules do I need to configure on the Windows 7 box to allow SQL 2008 clients to connect to the server?

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    Re: 2003 Server GPO for Windows 7 Firewall

    You won't be able to control the Win 7 firewall via a Group Policy from a 2003 server so I'd forget that option.

    Youc an disable the firewall on the client by using 'Windows Firewall with Advanced Security' - this can be accessed via the Administrative Tools section (you may need to enable this by customizing your Start Menu options)

    Once in Windows Firewall with Advanced Security then click 'Windows Firewall Prpoerties' and an options box will appear.

    From here you can turn off the Domain, Private and Public firewall.

    If you want to leave the firewall on and simply allow SQL thorugh then you need to create an Inbound Rule for the following ports:

    SQL Server is TCP 1433
    SQL Admin Connection is TCP 1434
    SQL Service Broker is TCP 4022
    SQL Debugger / RPC is TCP 135
    Analysis Services is TCP 2383
    SQL Browser is TCP 2382


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      Re: 2003 Server GPO for Windows 7 Firewall

      Any reason why the SQL went onto a workstation instead of the Server? (Curiosity question)
      Remember that you will be limited to 10 simultaneous connections due to the database being on the workstation.
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