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  • Where to create a GPO

    We've got XP SP2 and SP3 with IE6 and 7, Win7, Server 2003, and 2008R2 in our environment.

    If I wanted to create a GPO for IE (for example), what OS do I create it from? If I create it from Win7 or 2008R2, will the setting apply to our XP SP2 IE6 clients? Of course, I know the setting has to appear in each version so I'm thinking of something like Trusted Sites.

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    Re: Where to create a GPO

    can u make it more clear so that we can understand what the configuration of your environment will be?
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      Re: Where to create a GPO

      I don't understand the question but since you have mentioned XP, 2003, 2008R2 (and Win 7) you will need to ensure Client Side Extensions are installed if the GPO is run from a 2008R2 DC.

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