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GPO Issue

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  • GPO Issue

    Hi ,

    we are having SBS 200 Server, We do have only single domain controller. We have configure the GP for password min length and expiry time only .

    Now since last week we are getting this error :

    Error : 1000
    Windows can not access the file gpt.ini file for GPO.Te file must be present in location <>.

    I search a lot for this in google and try even this

    Have given the everyone as read only permission and system users as full permisson. and apply secedit /refreshpolicy machine_policy and secedit /refreshpolicy user_policy

    even though i am getting this error after every 5 min in application log .

    also while going at domain controller , properties - group policy i am getting this error.

    Please check the attachment.

    Please help to resolve.
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    Re: GPO Issue

    Don't know if you saw this one at Experts Exchange.

    Originally posted by dborschel from Experts Exchange
    I fixed the problem. I looked up the unique name under the properties of the GPO and decided to hunt for it in sysvol\domain_name\policies. I couldn't find it, so I looked in each and every other GPO folder and found it. It looks like the previous admin may have draged it to another folder by accident. I moved it back under the policies folder, did a refresh with secedit and BINGO the problem was solved. I was just lucky on this one.
    My apologies to Experts Exchange for not linking to the whole thread but it seemed easier in this case to just quote the appropriate reply. If you have any objections please PM me and this post shall be removed.

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      Re: GPO Issue

      Check this out if this can be of any help ---


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        Re: GPO Issue

        Hi ,

        In my case i have not remove the gpt.ini file and able to found folder in sysvol folder. Now i have also make a changes in gpt.ini file as per the guidance given on

        I am getting 2 errors in event ID 1000

        Windows can not access the file gpt.ini file for GPO.Te file must be present in location <>.

        Windows can not query for the list of group policy objects

        Also Getting this error related to exchange :

        The Directory Service Referral interface failed to service a client request. RFRI is returning the error code:[0x3f0].

        I search a lot for this in event ID list and found that need to run /domain prep once more...

        so will it be worth to resolve my issue ...please help me to resolve the issue.

        Thanks in advance...