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  • Folder Redirection GPO

    I have setup and configured folder redirection GPO. I added custom templates to not redirect My Music, My Videos, the GPO was also configured for My Pictures not to follow My Documents. I linked the GPO to a test OU and everything works fine. We do not have roaming profiles configured. I have been asked to do the following. When user logs into to their laptop (Win XP SP2 or SP3) My documents are redirected. If the same user logs into a workstation the My documents are redirected also. I would like the user to only have the My documents follow when they log into a laptop/Notebook. Is there a way to do this?

    Windows server OS 2003 SP2
    AD domain 2003.

    Thanks in advance

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    Re: Folder Redirection GPO

    You can create a WMI filter for the GPO that causes it to apply only to a specific machine type (laptop).

    My question is: how do they access documents they've saved from the laptop when they're on a workstation? Do they have access to the My Documents share from the workstation? This setup seems counter-intuitive to me.


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      Re: Folder Redirection GPO

      I have setup a GPO for Folder redirection, set Security filtering to point to a group of users. Folder sync is not configured in the GPO. I configured the users account profile to point to their home folder. When the user logs in, My documents are redirected.

      On Wednesday afternoon, I created another GPO called Offline and set the Security filtering to a computer group. If the users is a member of the Redirection group and their laptop is a member of the computer group, My documents are redirected and synced when the user logs off. If the user logs in, on a machine not in the computer group My documents are redirected. But when the user logs off My documents are not synced to the local machine.

      I have also created custom ADM that redirects My Music, and My Videos back to the local machine.

      Thanks Wichita