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WSUS Client Side Targetting

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  • WSUS Client Side Targetting

    Hi all

    Windows 2003 Domain
    WSUS Server is running Windows 2008 Standard

    Just built this WSUS server. Enabled GPO/Client Side Targetting etc. 2 Containers for Computers - Workstations and Servers, each with its own GPO respectively.

    In the WSUS Admin Console all the PC's are in unassigned EXCEPT for 1 server and 1 workstation which have been correctly sorted into their groups.

    Now, if none were working I'd say something was wrong with my GP config but if its worked for 1 of each category, I'm a bit lost...?

    Any ideas? Maybe I just need to leave it longer and they'll autosort in time? (Currently the DC is undergoing an Online RAID migration and its responding very slowly, maybe that has something to do with it?)


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    Re: WSUS Client Side Targetting

    Oh one more thing, related to this but not strictly Group Policy...

    At this client site their WAN connection is REALLY slow (150kbps average...), with 39GB's worth of updates to download...

    Is it possible for me to download the updates at home (50Mbps), onto an external HDD and bring it to site, copy it over??