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Disabling screensaver password protect with computer policy

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  • Disabling screensaver password protect with computer policy

    Hi all,

    I'm attempting to disable the password protection on the screensaver for a particular OU which contains our Laptops. The password protection is set by our default user policy set on the Users OU, but I want to turn this off for all users when they log in to a laptop in the Laptops OU, refer structure below.

    Example OU structure:


    I thought I could achieve this by setting the 'Password protect the screen saver' option in the Laptops policy to disabled, therefore overruling the same setting defined in the Users policy. I am able to use this to set the 'Hide Screen Saver tab' to disabled, allowing the Screen Saver tab of the display properties to be visible on machines in the Laptops OU but not in any other OU by virtue of this setting being set to enabled in the Users policy.

    However, the password protection remains on.

    Gpresult shows the policy is getting applied and not filtered out. I've also tried removing all screen saver policy settings from the Users policy and placing them in the Laptops policy, but then none of the settings get applied. I find it quite strange that the 'Hide screen saver tab' setting seems to get applied when in the Laptops policy, but none of the other settings.

    Loopback processing is on and set to Merge.

    Can anyone suggest why this might not be working and any fix?