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  • Windows Explorer File Menu

    Hi Guys,

    this has probably already been answered somewhere, however I can't find it.

    Is it possible in a GPO or registry hack to remove the File Menu Option in Windows Explorer "Open with Command Prompt" when a user has a .VBS script highlighted?

    I would like to do the same if it appears in any right-click context menus.

    Another one in a similar vein is removal of the option "Set as Wallpaper" in the Internet Explorer right-click menu.

    Unfortunately cannot disble whole menu as some options are required...


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    Re: Windows Explorer File Menu

    I have not tested this but I believe it may be related to the file association for .vbs files.

    If you go into Control Panel, Folder Options, then the File Types tab. Select .vbs and then click the advanced button. One of the options for the file type should be Open with Command Prompt. If you remove 'Open with Command Prompt' from the list, I believe it will no longer display as an option in your context menus.

    Group policy preference extentions will allow you to modify file associations directly. If you're not using group policy preferences you'll probably need to create a script or something to modify the association in the registry. I'd start by looking at HKCR\VBSFile\Shell\Open2.

    I recommend looking at preferences as it's probably more manageable in a large environment. Overview can be found here: