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Use HTTP 1.1 through proxy connections

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  • Use HTTP 1.1 through proxy connections

    Can anyone explain what this GPO does?

    I was asked to enable it to allow local access to a servers iLO & it stopped most of the company from being able to access web pages. I did some reading on this before I enabled the setting and most of what I read said it would speed up internet browsing.

    When I realised it was causing issued I disabled it but now everyone on a PC has to un-tick the "Use HTTP 1.1 through proxy connections" on the IE advanced tab to gain access to the Internet.

    Also most of the company is Citrix based so they log into a terminal servers session with internet restrictions. They are not allowed to access the Internet Options dialogue box. I find when ever they open IE they see "This Page Can Not Be Displayed" but if they hit F5 to refresh the page the web site loads fine.

    Surely if Id disabled the policy this would have stopped this?

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    Re: Use HTTP 1.1 through proxy connections

    ensure the policy has been refreshed on the devices...
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      Re: Use HTTP 1.1 through proxy connections

      I have tried gpupdate / force on a test user account which doesn’t seam to do any good.

      I did some testing on a desktop pc with my test account set up as a standard user and here’s what I found.

      I made a test OU in AD & set this up with the same GPO's as on the users OU. I also added the HTTP1.1 through a proxy GPO. This did as I expected, it ticked the option on Internet Explorer and disabled the Internet access. When I un-ticked it I was able to open the internet but the homepage came up as "This Page Cannot Be Displayed" still. If I hit F5 the home page loaded as before. I did some reading and things looked to be pointing at our proxy server (Bluecoat SG400) however after some more playing around I found the following:

      If I removed the test user profile from the PC & removed the HTTP1.1 proxy GPO from the OU the test user was in and logged on with the test account, I was able to access the internet and the home page loaded as it should do. (basically reset everything)

      Once everything was back to how it was before I applied the GPO I logged in with the test account again. I then ticked the option "Use HTTP 1.1 through proxy connections" on the Internet explorer advanced tab I was still able to access the internet in the same way as if it was un-ticked. However if this preference is applied via GPO it stops access to the internet.

      I also ran gpresult logged in as the test user and it did see changes I made to the GPO’s attached to the test OU.

      Its like once the preference has been applied the user account is stuck with it. I changed the HTTP1.1 through a proxy GPO so this option was un-ticked. Again the user account picked up the change & removed the tick but the Internet home page still wont load without pressing F5 to refresh.

      The only way I could reset the test account was to delete the local profile from the PC. This also means all the settings are gone with it. I cant really justify ressetting everyones profile in the company just to get the home page working on IE.

      Any suggestions on a resolution for this problem, or has anyone come across the same thing?
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