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Logon/Logoff script format???

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  • Logon/Logoff script format???

    Can someone please let me know what scripting language is supported by the GPO's logon/logoff under...

    User Config > Windows Settings > Scripts (Logon/Logoff)

    I am trying to get a .bat file to run my .kix file but it will never run.

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    Re: Logon/Logoff script format???

    My google searches for an answer to this seem to be pointing to .wsh files being used, and .vbs files.
    But there has been no mention of .bat files not being supported.

    I am also right now changing the "Slow Link Detection" under computer config and user config to "Enabled" to see if that helps.


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      Re: Logon/Logoff script format???

      and it looks like i fixed it myself...

      After the "Slow Link Detection" was "Enabled" then the script ran correctly and my .kix file was applied.


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        Re: Logon/Logoff script format???

        no no no...

        i have LOGIN.BAT as my script i'm trying to run. and then inside the LOGIN.BAT i have...

        kix32 login.kix

        which runs kix32.exe, and then that runs the login.kix file.


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          Re: Logon/Logoff script format???

          Any Windows executable can be used. The box you enter the path into is basically the equivalent of a Run box. If all your batch script does is run Kix, then you could instead have the executable as Kix and its parameters as the script to run.

          The most common reason for this to fail though is when the path isn't specified or is specified incorrectly. From your posts though I'm not sure what problem exactly you're having, or if you're still having it...
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