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    The problem is i have a computer (lets name is comp1) and it is connected to a domain xyz. Now my GPO restricts that the Local disc (C is not seen under my computer and also do not have options to save files on my C: drive on my PC. What do i need to do to get this available. By the way i used the Kill pol software on the website and that software after sometime removes my system from the domain and i will not be able to login to my system again. Is there a better way of doing it please do let me know.

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    Deny access to the C: drive using NTFS permissions not a GP... or use the user configuration part of the GP and apply that to normal users. Keep Admins in a different OU.

    PS - You need to use a better subject line the next time you post a thread. "Group Policy" is a bit vague in a Forum area about AD and Group Policy.
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