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Assigned Applications Reinstalled on Every Reboot?

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  • Assigned Applications Reinstalled on Every Reboot?

    I have used GPOs to deploy several applications from a SBS 2003 server onto XP Pro clients - it all seems to work.

    Each time I've used the same method - a single GPO assigning an application to computers in an OU. The app gets installed and you don't hear much more about it.

    Recently, I have deployed Internet Explorer 8 and Flash Player 10 using exactly the same method. This time, every time a client is rebooted there is an entry in the event log like this:

    The assignment of application Internet Explorer from policy IE8 Installation succeeded.
    For more information, see Help and Support Center at

    The assignment of application Adobe Flash Player 10 ActiveX from policy Flash Player 10 succeeded.
    For more information, see Help and Support Center at
    Followed by

    Changes to software installation settings were applied successfully.
    For more information, see Help and Support Center at

    Why is this happening for just these two GPOs? And does it mean that the applications are really being reinstalled every time a PC is rebooted?

    As for the last entry from the event log, there aren't any 'changes' to software installation settings.

    This is doing my head in, so I'd be really grateful if someone can shed some light. There are no roaming profiles on the domain.

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    Re: Assigned Applications Reinstalled on Every Reboot?

    OK - I may have cracked this so I'm answering my own post. I have managed (on one PC) to get rid of the Application Management entry that was present at every reboot, at least for Internet Explorer 8. I will try the same thing for the Flash Player 10 entry and see if I can get rid of that as well.

    There was an omission in the first MSI file created by IEAK 8 used to installed IE8. I dropped the corrected package into the GPO and told it to redeploy - I think this is what caused the problems.

    I used Windows Installer Cleanup and could see two entries for IE8, both of which I removed. After rebooting, I had IE7 so I used MSIManager to force a reinstallation of the MSI package in the GPO.

    I got the entry in event log once - and no more - which is the same as every other assigned app I have done. At least on this one PC.

    Not sure what's happened to Flash Player, but I think it may be to do with new versions being released which need to be deployed. Will see if I can clear that up too...