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  • GPO Folder Redirection

    I was applying Folder redirection for each users My Documents to redirect to Users folders on the network.

    I basically messed it up and stupidly applied this to Default Domain Policy which I now realise is a no no!

    I then tried to revert back my policy, when I did this it didn't work, and somehow ended up with all the files from the users folder and my documents folder on every users desktop!!

    I have managed to clear everyones desktop back to normal, but I have one user who whenever she puts a file in her users folder on the network it appears on her desktop also, it is now redirecting her Users folder on the network to her desktop but I never applied this in GPO and can't get it to stop doing it as GPO says there is nothing applied?

    Does anyone have any idea what has went wrong??

    If need of some help - desperately!

    Thanks in advance
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