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Isues saving GPO vis snap-in

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  • Isues saving GPO vis snap-in

    I have a set of GPO's which I made on a stand alone PC saved with a script to copy the Machine & User folders from my own custom GPO's to %SYSTEMROOT%\system 32\GroupPolicy\

    This basically overwrite the GPO with my own GPO's. This has been working fine until today.

    Iíve also created a GPO.msc snap-in with all the GPO's added to the favourites menu. This means I copy the GPO's but need to quickly disable or re-enable just one thing I can do really quickly.

    The problem Iím having today is after copying the GPO folder onto the laptop & running the script to replace the laptop GPO Im now unable to manually edit the GPO via the snap-in. If I open the snap-in & make any changes when I hit the apply button I see:

    The Group Policy snapin was unable to save your changes due to the following error

    Access Denied

    The laptop is part of a domain & I have granted the domain admin full access to the script folder my custom scripts are in & also the GroupPolicy folder in the system 32 directory.

    The script runs file & will enable & disable all my custom GPO's but I just cant save anything manually.

    Any suggestions why this is?