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WMI Filter for 'New Computers'

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  • WMI Filter for 'New Computers'

    Hi everyone,

    I'm looking to implement some sort of filter so that some GPOs only get applied to newly installed computers. The computers themselves aren't physically new, they've just been re-imaged, sysprepped, and are being provisioned to new (or existing) users as replacement PCs.

    Basically, I use the software management portion of GPO quite a bit, and I need to install some new software to machines, but only those that have been added/deployed to the domain after [today's] date.

    I've been searching through all of the WMI classes all day in root/cimV2, and there doesn't seem to be anything. I think I'm looking for the 'whencreated' attribute in the computer object in AD, but can't seem to get much further.


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    Re: WMI Filter for 'New Computers'

    Hmmm, no advice on this? Is there no way to apply a GPO only to computers that have been recently set up?


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      Re: WMI Filter for 'New Computers'

      I don't know of any WMI classes but at my old job I created an OU and used redircmp to make that OU the default for all new computers. I would then manually move the new computer accounts to their department OU but this was a small business so wasn't a big deal. Don't know how big your environment is but you could probably script something to move the computer accounts after some time.