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  • Remote Assistance GPO

    Iím trying to enable remote assistance across my domain by linking a GPO to an OU in Active Directory which contains all my computers.

    Iíve gone through the details in the link:

    When I fire up the Remote Assistance icon & click the "Invite someone to help you" link I see the following:

    "your current system settings prevent you from sending an invitation"

    However if I tick "allow remote assistance invitations to be sent from this computer" on the remote tab in system properties on the target PC its works???

    Surely I donít have to tick this on every PC in my domain???

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    Re: Remote Assistance GPO

    So you've enabled Remote Assistance in the GPO, have you also allowed it in Windows Firewall (also in the GPO)?

    If you use rsop.msc or gpresult on the computers, does this GPO show as being applied?

    If you run gpupdate /force on the computers, does this help?
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      Re: Remote Assistance GPO

      If I run gpresult I see:

      INFO: The user "contoso\Administrator" does not have RSOP data.

      not looking good with rsop either, I see the attached file

      Any sugestions?
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        Re: Remote Assistance GPO

        You can try resetting the WMI repository to see if it helps. Delete the contents of the C:\WINDOWS\system32\wbem\Repository directory, reboot the machine, and run RSOP again.


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          Re: Remote Assistance GPO

          Think I might have foind the issue:

          I checked in %systemroot%\debug\usermode\userenv.log on the target pc and I see:

          GetUserNameEx failed with 1355.

          I recon I have a temp profile