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  • about group policy object

    Hi all,
    My company have a 2000 active directory, i need to config the GPO to prevent some of the user installing software, could anyone can give me some advice or any userful link that i can follow it step by step, i have already try to add some policy, but seem the user login , the policy didnt take effect, please help, thanks

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    As long as the users are not members of the local Administrators or Power Users group on the PC's then they will not have access to install software.

    Some software (that manily do use the registry \ proper MSI installer or Program Files for it's working directory), will still install under a standard user account, and I'm afraid there is not much you can do about that.

    not sure if you can lock it down any more through a GPO.

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      window installer

      i find that in computer configuation, it have a policy can disable window installer, but is it really can restrict installing software? or still have other method? can i block setup.exe, or run.bat