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Installing apps in order

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  • Installing apps in order

    Morning all

    Having a bit of a fun time deploying the latest version of AutoCAD and I could do with some ideas on the GPO front.

    At present the deployment requires the latest version of DirectX 9 be installed (this is an install script at startup), the 2008 C++ redist package (msi), .NET 3.5 SP1 package and then the AutoCAD package itself (msi).

    I've got this kind of working using two gpo's - one for the directx and one for the C++ and AutoCAD but the ordering is iffy at best. For example the C++ will install, CAD will try, get so far, report no directX and abort. The DirectX will then install and on reboot CAD will finish itself off.
    Not to mention the .NET which only seems to be needed on a few machines so installing the massive 240Mb standalone package manually isn't a major thing.

    Does anyone have suggestions on how to deploy these in order? I've discovered that the startup scripts seem to run after the msi packages try to install so splitting them off onto a different gpo might be a way forward.
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    Re: Installing apps in order

    Do you have WSUS installed? If yes, approved DirectX & .Net and WSUS will deploy that. GPO C++ one day/night followed by AutoCAD the following one.

    And while using

    I bet Rems could script something that would sequence them. He's really clever like that.
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      Re: Installing apps in order

      Afternoon, biggles

      yep, have wsus installed but whilst it is rolling out v9.0c the updates to the latest sub-version don't seem to be going. I'm not sure if this is because they're just seen as addons or something by MS or not. touch confusing to say the least. A manual install of the DirectX latest version calls all the SDK updates for about the last year.

      Google? what's that? never heard of it, mate.

      Unfortunately scripting the whole thing won't work as the final package must be installed via gpo (licensing control etc) but the sub-components might be ok to go that way.

      Cheers for the suggestions. From a thorough google session over the last few weeks on this project it looks like there's not many people out there doing it this way yet. I hate being a tend setter sometimes lol

      Edit: I think i've found a way to do it using separate GPOs and WMI filters. It's not pretty but it just might work.
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