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Problem deploying Office 2007 Pro with Group Policy

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  • Problem deploying Office 2007 Pro with Group Policy

    I'm in the process of assigning Office 2007 PRO to a select group of computers through a GPO. One problem is that Office 2003 was installed manually and not through a GPO.

    I've been able to get office 2007 to install without a problem if I manually remove 2003 first......but I'm trying to play with the upgrade capibilities of using a GPO and it's not working so well.

    I started off with no versions of office installed. I assigned 2003 PRO through a GPO and it worked fine. I then created a new GPO for 2007 and tried to push that. I've tried this 3 different ways and have gotten mixed results with none of them actually working. I would like the 2007 package to remove the 2003 package, then install 2007. Here's my results:

    - 1 - Office 2003 installed via GPO to a specific computer. Kept the computer name in the 2003 GPO and added it to my 2007 GPO that is set to UPGRADE the 2003 GPO. It seems like the GPOs are conflicting because it keeps wanting to install 2003 this way is no good.
    - 2 - Office 2003 installed via GPO to a specific computer. Removed the comptuer name from the 2003 GPO and added it to the 2007 GPO which is set to uninstall the 2003 package. This way did not uninstall 2003 and installed 2007. So now I have 2003 and 2007 working on the same pc....but the problem with this is can't have multiple versions of outlook on the same pc, so outlook 2007 is not there, only 2003. So this way is no good either, but better than the first.

    - 3 - Office 2003 installed via GPO to a specific computer. Removed the computer name from the 2003 GPO and added it to the 2007 GPO and also added the office 2003 package. So now in the same package, I have 2003 pro and 2007 pro which is set to uninstall 2003. This way gave fatal errors for every office MSI in the event logs, so this method did not work at all.

    Does anyone have some suggestions on what I'm missing. I'm close, but outlook 2003 is causing me some serious issues. I'd like to either remove 2003 and install 2007, or just upgrade 2003 to 2007. I don't really care which way, as long as this works.

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    Re: Problem deploying Office 2007 Pro with Group Policy


    I am sure you could use Transform files (I am mentioning below) with software deployment policies but I didn't bother.
    This is what worked for me like charm with a startup script if you want to do it this way:

    Firstly create a Distribution folder and dump all the office installation folders and files in there. Share the folder so that Everyone has got Read share and security permissions.
    Secondly, Create a MSP file via the Office customization wizard.
    To kick start the wizard start the Setup.exe on the office installation folder with the /Admin switch. (\\server\office2007share\setup.exe /admin)
    Then in there make all the changes you wish for your new office 2007 Installation. Including removing previous versions, installation directory, shortcuts Outlook profiles etc.
    Once finished save the file as an MSP in the Updates folder on your office 2007 Installation folder (ie Finance.msp).
    Once that's done then edit this script to fit your needs and save it as a .bat file (Thanks to RVALSTAR in one of his posts which I can't find right now):

    @echo off

    if not exist "C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office12\winword.exe" (
    echo ***** Installing Office 2007 *****
    echo This will take some time.
    echo Please DO NOT close this window.
    \\Server\Share\setup.exe /adminfile \\Server\Share\Updates\finance.msp
    echo Exiting...

    Create a GPO
    Add this script as a startup script (In the computer section) and Link the GPO in the OU with the Computer objects on it.
    Another setting you'll need to edit on the same GPO is to enable and set the Maximum wait time for Group policy script to 0 (Unlimited)
    this is on Computer Configuration - Administrative templates - System - Scripts

    Restart the computers and that should be it.
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