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  • Place files via GPO

    I've got a corporate screensaver that I want to force everyone to use, but everything I've seen the the Group Policy editor implies that you need to have the screensaver installed first.

    I've set up in Preferences/Windows Settings/Files that has the source as \\server\share\screensaver.scr and the Target as %windir\system32\screensaver.scr Amazingly, all my other software installs and policies appear to be working (!), but I've checked and the .scr file hasn't been copied over.

    This is set by computer (I'm using my WSUS groups to test with) not by user, but I don't see why that should make a difference... Any ideas appreciated

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    Re: Place files via GPO

    Perhaps you have tried this already, but have you tried manually copying the file to each machine? Try a logon script like the following:
    @echo off
    net use Y: \\server\path-to-screensaver
    copy Y:\screensaver.scr C:\Windows\system32\screensaver.scr
    net use /delete Y:
    That way it should copy it beforehand and save the problems with things relating to the screensaver not being there.
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      Re: Place files via GPO

      Users are not allowed to write and change files in the Windows folder, try using a computer policy for this.

      When using a batch (should be launched as a computer startup script) use xcopy like:
      xcopy /D /Y "\\server\path-to-screensaver\screensaver.scr" "%windir%\system32\"


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        Re: Place files via GPO

        Genius! That xcopy worked fine. Thanks