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GPO Loopback - Screensaver Lockout period

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  • GPO Loopback - Screensaver Lockout period


    Firstly, forgive me if this has already been discussed before. I did a search on both Google and the forum here but didn't quite know what keywords to search for.

    In my domain, there are 8 computers that are based in the warehouse/production. Users have been complaining that the timeout period for when the screensaver begins is too short meaning that they have to keep logging back in. I only want to extend the timeout period for those computers and not every user. The users also log in to the machines in the office which meant that a user policy is out. In short, I have set up a policy with loopback processing enabled and set to replace. I have then applied the policy to Authenticated Users and each of the 8 computer accounts.

    My question is, is there a way of assigning the policy to a group of computers instead of the machines individually? For example, instead of having to manually add "001", "002", "003" etc to the filtered scope, is there a way to just add "Production Machines" and make each of the computers members of that group?

    Just realised - Can I just use a Security Group? I assume it works for both Users and Computers yes? Is there a better way to do it?

    Thanks all
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    Re: GPO Loopback - Screensaver Lockout period

    Yes you can use a security group. Just create the group, add the appropriate computers to the group, and use the group as your GPO security filter.