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GPOs making programs launch slower?

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  • GPOs making programs launch slower?

    If I log in to a PC as the local admin, Outlook launches instantaneously. If I log in as a domain admin/user Outlook can take up to 60 seconds to open. My last test, I booted and waited for the start bar to appear and I hit Control Shift Escape. It took 15 seconds for Task Manager to pop up. I then closed TM and clicked Outlook. It took 10 seconds for the splash logo to even pop up and then another 50 seconds for Outlook to be usable. Firefox took about the same amount of time.

    Can GPOs make programs open/run slower?

    I set up a test container that was only affected by the default domain policy and populated it with a test PC and user.

    Logging in locally, everything was lightning fast.

    Then I logged in to the domain with only the default policy enabled. Still fairly snappy, but there was some slowdown. Not to concerning.

    I then added 4 scripts that map drives. I assign them via group membership and I just made the test user a member of all the right groups. The scripts look like this:

    Option Explicit
    Dim objNetwork, strDriveLetter, strNetworkPath
    strDriveLetter = "F:"
    strNetworkPath = "\\Server\XXXXX Dept"
    On Error Resume Next
    Set objNetwork = CreateObject("WScript.Network")
    ' Section which removes strDriveLetter
    objNetwork.RemoveNetworkDrive strDriveLetter
    ' Section which adds strDriveLetter
    objNetwork.MapNetworkDrive strDriveLetter, strNetworkPath
    ' End of Script
    When I logged in, Outlook now took about 10 seconds to become usable. Still, not too shabby, but I've got some impatient users.

    I then removed those and added GPOs that apply general settings. Upon logon, Outlook took about 20 seconds to launch.

    That was on a single core P4 with 1GB of ram.

    Outlook took a full minute to launch on my PC, a 2.2 C2D with 2GB of RAM with all logon scripts enabled.

    On both PCs, Outlook launches immediately logged in as locally.

    Here are my two settings GPOs: (Please let me know if there is a better way to do this.)
       Redirect My Documents Computer Configuration (Enabled)
     Administrative Templates
     Network/Offline Files
      PolicySetting n in the &quot;Extensions&quot; box. To type more than one extension, separate the extensions with a semicolon (;).<br/><br/>Note: To make changes to this setting effective, you must log off and log on again." gpmc_supported="At least Microsoft Windows 2000">Files not cachedDisabled  
      User Configuration (Enabled)
     Windows Settings
     Folder Redirection
             My Documents
          Setting: Basic (Redirect everyone's folder to the same location)
     Path: \\DOMAIN\users$\%USERNAME%\My Documents
      Grant user exclusive rights to My DocumentsEnabled Move the contents of My Documents to the new locationEnabled  
       Policy Removal BehaviorLeave contents
    Computer Configuration (Enabled)
     Administrative Templates
     Network/Network Connections
      PolicySetting Prohibit use of Internet Connection Firewall on your DNS domain networkEnabled  
    Network/Network Connections/Windows Firewall/Domain Profile
      PolicySetting Windows Firewall: Protect all network connectionsDisabled  
    System/Error Reporting
      PolicySetting Display Error NotificationDisabled  
      PolicySetting Always wait for the network at computer startup and logonEnabled Don't display the Getting Started welcome screen at logonEnabled  
      PolicySetting Run logon scripts synchronouslyEnabled  
    Windows Components/Windows Messenger
      PolicySetting Do not allow Windows Messenger to be runEnabled Do not automatically start Windows Messenger initiallyEnabled  
    Windows Components/Windows Update
      PolicySetting Configure Automatic UpdatesEnabled  Configure automatic updating:4 - Auto download and schedule the install The following settings are only requiredand applicable if 4 is selected.Scheduled install day: 6 - Every Friday Scheduled install time:17:00 PolicySetting No auto-restart for scheduled Automatic Updates installationsEnabled Re-prompt for restart with scheduled installationsEnabled  Wait the following period beforeprompting again with a scheduledrestart (minutes): 240
    User Configuration (Enabled)
     Administrative Templates
     Control Panel
      PolicySetting Force classic Control Panel StyleEnabled  
    System/Ctrl+Alt+Del Options
      PolicySetting Remove Change PasswordEnabled  
    System/Internet Communication Management/Internet Communication settings
      PolicySetting Turn off the "Order Prints" picture taskEnabled Turn off the "Publish to Web" task for files and foldersEnabled

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    Re: GPOs making programs launch slower?

    Are you using roaming profiles? And if so do you see any errors concerning access to those profiles in the eventviewer?
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      Re: GPOs making programs launch slower?

      If you log on as the user and then wait 5 mins before trying Outlook does it make any difference?

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        Re: GPOs making programs launch slower?

        Originally posted by Killerbe View Post
        Are you using roaming profiles? And if so do you see any errors concerning access to those profiles in the eventviewer?
        We aren't using roaming profiles.

        Originally posted by AndyJG247 View Post
        If you log on as the user and then wait 5 mins before trying Outlook does it make any difference?
        Yes, but only marginally on the P4 systems. After sitting for 5 minutes, Outlook with a domain logon loads slower than opening Outlook immediately while logging in locally. Even if you click just after you get the icons, Outlook is still open and running in about 2 seconds.


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          Re: GPOs making programs launch slower?

          Could redirecting My Documents to a file server cause programs to run slowly for some reason? I have about 70mb in my My Docs, and I almost never use any of it. However, that doesn't mean all the programs from all users aren't constantly checking it for something and causing a delay some how... I know it's supposed to cache the files locally, but something is definitely screwy.

          Is there some type of scenario that could cause this slowness?

          I have about 12 users accessing the file server for the redirected My Docs and two program databases. One is a ticket system and the other is CRM software, I can't imagine either being overly resource intensive.

          Is there some kind of program I can run that monitors requests to network locations and such from my workstation? I don't mean logging on the server, but something I can run that captures activity while things are slow on my pc.
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