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Remove "Save Password" check box on FTP

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  • Remove "Save Password" check box on FTP

    Does anyone know how to remove the “Save Password” check box from the Internet Explorer FTP log-in screen. I’m hoping this can be done via a GPO. The computer is not on a domain so it would be the local GPO.

    Or any other way of dissabling this option would be good.

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    Re: Remove "Save Password" check box on FTP

    I found the answer to this one. If you scour the internet all you see are articles how to disable the auto complete for IE & the saving of usernames & passwords on forms which does nothing in regards to the actual password box on the FTP log-on screen.

    You need to disable the following Windows service:

    Protected Storage

    The Protected Storage service holds all the sensitive data such as private keys and passwords. Stop the service & set it to Manual.

    Bear in mind if you stop the service you will always be prompted for your password on any log-on screen. It effectively disables (greys out) the option to save any passwords accross the entire PC.

    The main issue I spotted with this is it also means you have to re-enter the password on Outlook/ Outlook Express when the pop account tries to connect to the server download email. Most people have this password saved.

    Although it makes your email more secure I’m sure some people will find this an annoyance.