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Set File Association via GPO

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  • Set File Association via GPO

    Hey, I have been thrown into the middle of this so sorry if my questions seem a bit on the basic side here. I want to set the file association for some basic file types (gif, jpg, etc) to open up in the web browser we are using and not the windows image and fax viewer thing. ie: someone is trying to view attached JPG's in Windows Live Mail or such

    I found this guide on it, which I understand the basics of (He has 3 custom open things, as well as being able to change the icons of each). I didn't understand all the variables so I was reading the MS document on writing custom ADM files, which helped but didn't answer everything.

    So, I hope you can help me, my search-fu is not helping with these last questions:

    1. Does it matter if the corrosponding folders/variables are not made in the registry already? I peeked on a few PC's in User/Software/Classes for .gif or .jpg folders but found none.

    2. The POLICY and EXPLAIN variables for each: Do these just tell it to look at the text strings at the bottom for the values to put in there? I assume so

    3. What is the %1 at the end of the DEFAULT (ie: DEFAULT "C:\WINDOWS\system32\NOTEPAD.EXE %1") for?

    Thanks a lot!