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  • Server 2008 Firewall

    Hello All
    I have a two part problem.

    I am configuing the Server 2008 firewall using Group Policy for the first time and its not going to well

    I have opened up remote desktop from the two subnets i wish to access it from.

    I cannot use the program Dameware Mini remote that uses the file and printer sharing firewall entry.
    I cannot get the XP machines to show a tick next to the option under exceptions in the firewall.
    I have enabled domain profile and stadard profile: allow file and print options in the GPO.
    Do i need to open the file and print share ports aswell?

    Can anyone see where i am going wrong?
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    Re: Server 2008 Firewall


    Thanks to anyone who read this
    i found through process of elimination by changing one option at a time that the:

    Allow local port exceptions: Blocks domain admin from allowing port additions to the firewall on the local machine which in turn sets many options for configuration via group policy only.

    For now i can use my software again.