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Non-existent printer being deployed with Print Managment/GPO

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  • Non-existent printer being deployed with Print Managment/GPO


    I've begun using Print Managment, and so far so good... well, maybe not so great after all. I had successfully deployed a shared printer to a test OU and was printing without any problems. After I changed the name of computer that the printer was atached to, the situation got a little unusual. Specifically, the same printer is now being deployed twice--once with the old name and again with the new one (I was able to confirm this looking at HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\PPC on the test client). When I look at the Group Policy deployment settings using the Print Managment console, I can see that printer I deployed is correctly associated with the new computer name (there is no trace of the old computer name). I've tried updating group policy on the client computer and deleting/readding the printer to no effect. So I suppose that the old printer configuration is still in some registry value somewhere and needs to be deleted? Maybe? How can I go about doing this?

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    Re: Non-existent printer being deployed with Print Managment/GPO

    I assume your deployed a network printer (for example \\printsrv\printer1)
    If this is the situation, then you can find the reference to the printer under the following registry key:
    Under this key, the printer's UNC path is specified with commas instead of slashes. For example: ,,printersrv,printer1

    You can delete the non-relevant key with no problems and the printer will disappear for that user.
    However, make sure that the printer you deleted is not configured as default printer (HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Windows\Device)


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      Re: Non-existent printer being deployed with Print Managment/GPO

      Thanks for the information, but I'm looking for a way to delete all traces of the old printer on the server side. It seems that a reference to the old printer still remains somewhere in the directory and is being pushed out to clients via the GPO. I guess the thing I'm not sure about is where the printer information is being stored in the directory/registry. If I could find the information then I would be able to delete it. The Print Managment Console is not located on a domain controller (it is on a totally different server). I've deleted all traces of the old printer from the Print Managment Console, of that I'm certain. Where else should I look? Probably somewhere on the domain controller, right? But where? I don't see anything in the GPO where the printer policy was applied.


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        Re: Non-existent printer being deployed with Print Managment/GPO

        I didn't reproduce the exact scenario, but I believe that you need to delete the printer object from Active Directory.
        The printer object can be found under the computer account of the print server.
        In order to see that, you have to open 'Active Directory Users and Computers', open the 'View' menu and check 'Users, Groups and Computers as containers'. Then, you should browse to the computer account of your printer server and you will see the printer object in the right pane.
        Tell me if it worked for you.


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          Re: Non-existent printer being deployed with Print Managment/GPO

          Thank you for your idea, but I'm still at the same point I was before. I just checked, as you suggested, and the only printer that is associated with the print server is the new (i.e. correct) entry. I tried doing a search of the directory and the only printer that seems to exist is the new (i.e. correct) one. There were no traces of the old printer in the directory that I could find.

          On the test client computer I deleted all instances of all printers from from the printer list and from the registry (again), ran gpupdate (again), and rebooted (again). When I log in to the computer I can still see that the printer is being added twice--once with the correct print server name and again with the old (incorrect) print server name.

          Let me show you specifically what I mean. The following two printer instances are being added upon startup:

          EPSON PM-A840 - Cgtsu301 (this is the old, incorrect entry)
          EPSON PM-A840 - Cgtsu307 (this is the new, correct entry)

          So where is the "EPSON PM-A840 - Cgtsu301" coming from, and how do I get rid of it?


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            Re: Non-existent printer being deployed with Print Managment/GPO

            Have you checked the local Group Policy and the Startup of the test computer. Also, have you fully removed the printer driver for the old and existing printer and then tested again? It will download again when the GPO runs.

            In Printers and Faxes, go to File, Server Properties.

            Click on the Drivers tab and then the driver you want to remove.

            Have you tried adding into your script a command that explicitly deletes the printer drive instance you don't want?


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              Re: Non-existent printer being deployed with Print Managment/GPO

              Hi grittyminder,
              I'm quite new to the Print Management stuff, but I did some tests and I think I know how your problem can be solved.

              I believe you should take the following steps:
              1. Open GPMC.msc and click on the GPO you used to configure the printer
              2. On the right pane, switch to 'Details' tab and note the 'Unique ID' value
              3. Open adsiedit.msc and browse to:
              <Your domain>\CN=System\CN=Policies\CN=<GUID>\(CN=User or CN=Machine - depends your configuration)\CN=PushedPrinterConnections

              4. On the right pane, you will see an object of type 'msPrint-ConnectionPolicy' for each deployed printer

              5. Double click on each object, and look for the value of 'uNCName'. Locate the object which represents the unwanted printer and simply delete it.

              That's should be it.
              Post back and tell us if it worked.


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                Re: Non-existent printer being deployed with Print Managment/GPO


                Sorry about the delay in replying. I didn't realize that you posted a followup. I tried the last few days following Virtual's suggestions (deleting drivers, rebooting, etc.) but wasn't able to get rid of the old print server. I quickly tried your idea yesterday (that is some crazy Windows black magic by the way) but the old print server is still appearing on the client side. I kind of rushed the procedure though, and didn't really had time to investigate in depth. I will check that I did everything right and report back what happens.


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                  Re: Non-existent printer being deployed with Print Managment/GPO

                  Okay, the problem with the old printer reappearing upon reboot still exists, but is isolated to one test computer (all other computers do not show the printer). So I suppose the problem is now related to that one test computer's local settings and not group policy, which, at this point, is just fine by me. Smart-X, thanks for your help