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Redirect My Doc via GPO

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  • Redirect My Doc via GPO

    I have been having issues with folder permissions on my current share because the previous admin created it as a hidden share. See thread here for discussion. I have been able to adjust the permissions for all new users, but it will not resolve with any existing users. I was thinking since GPO creates this redirection, what would happen if I redirected the GPO to a new directory with new permissions set?

    Here is a screenshot of my current GPO

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    Re: Redirect My Doc via GPO

    I have looked through all the posts, looks like you have had a bit of a saga.

    Just for your information, in the past, I have opted to use custom made groups when assigning 'read' NTFS permissions to a root folder. It makes it more manageable than just allowing 'everyone' full control of NTFS permissions. Everyone Full Control of the Share is common practice.

    Also, when you broke inheritance on the root folder and chose to remove existing permissions, it would have been better to copy existing permissions and then remove/add your permissions, as appropriate. That way you don't miss adding the important ones back in.

    It appears that your issue is with synchronising some files. Am I right? Are they always excel documents that you have problems with?

    It would be worth you testing the redirection you propose in a test OU and test GPO.