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GPO - Deploying MSI - already exists?

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  • GPO - Deploying MSI - already exists?


    We are currently looking at deploying a software package (msi) via GPO, however we have already deployed this same package to several of our domain machines already.

    Does anyone know if the GPO is clever enough to see if the software has already been installed or exists before actually deploying the package? Another words does it do some sort of "if exists" checking or does the successful deployment add some sort of flag to the machine account?

    What I'm trying to accomplish is to make sure we don't have multiple instances of the same software installed. I have seen this happen before with a product called bginfo where my predecessor decided to roll it out manually and then later added it to a GPO, now on some machines we can see two instances listed in the Add/Remove Programs list.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    BTW: 2003 Native domain, XP SP2 & 3 clients.



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    Re: GPO - Deploying MSI - already exists?

    unfortunately the msi is not smart enough natively to see if the software is there already (ie: manually installed previously) and so skip the deployment.

    In situations where we've had software installed previously we usually run an uninstall script that'll remove the old stuff and then leave a flag file or something so it won't uninstall the msi one.
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      Re: GPO - Deploying MSI - already exists?

      thanks graycat,

      I was pretty sure that was the case but just needed to confirm it with someone. Back to the drawing board then..