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KB842933 Strings have been trunkated

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  • KB842933 Strings have been trunkated

    Hi all,

    I am on a windows 2000 domain.
    I open a GPO MMc from a Windows XP computer witch update the GPO config files with strings that exceed 256 caracteres. windows 2000 does not recongnize over 256 caracteres so I get an error. My problem is that Domain Admins group was aded to restricted groups in one of the GPO so now that the strings have benn trunkated they are not recognize by my DCs so Domain admins Group doesn<t have any rights anymore. I kow that that file containing the trunkated strings can be delete and wil be recreated when the DC restarts the strings are no longer trunkated but I can't remember the name of that darn file...

    Need help!
    Last edited by jazzup66; 23rd October 2008, 17:41.