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    Hi all

    I am dealing with a network of about 60 PC's, all with Office.

    Problem is, they run a mixture of 2000/2002/2003/2007, along with various editions of each.

    I looked about online a bit and I keep kinding contradicting information so I thought it would be easist to ask here. GPO, Regedit, Editing Templates...

    Everryone bar 1 laptop runs XP Pro SP2 or 3.

    Already downloaded the 2000-2007 Office Resource Kits for the .adm files, cant find anything in there.

    Why is something so simple so difficult?!

    I want to set everyone's Outlook and Word to default Arial 12pt, that is all!

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Default fonts

    Quick update!

    After reading through some more on the internet and trying it out, I think I can do something like this:

    Make a template for 2003, and a normal.dotm for 2007. Save them on the server.

    Incorporate into the login script to copy those 2 files into the %appdata%\Microsoft\Templates folder

    I'm not able to test right now (not on site) but - would there be anything wrong about this?

    Also, how would I get it to overwrite the .dot and .dotm files the user may already have, without prompting?

    I cant think of a workaround for 2000-2003 though, as the templates have the same extension. I guess there's little chance the 2003 one would be backwards compaitible...?