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Printers reappearing after Group Policy Refresh

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  • Printers reappearing after Group Policy Refresh


    I am having a problem on an XP workstation where printers (connected from a share on a server across the VPN) reappear when the domain's group policy is refreshed. This is after manually deleting the printers and removing the drivers. I proved it by forcing a Group Policy update on the domain with gpupdate /force and watched as the printers reappeared.

    I checked to see if the printers were installed globally (so that they are automatically available to any user that logs on to the computer) using the PrintUIEntry function of printui.dll; but they were not. I also searched the local and domain Group Policies and could not find anything related to this.

    This is a Small Business Server 2003 domain with a second Windows Server 2003 R2 Domain Controller at a branch office connected through a VPN.

    I ran gpresult on the affected pc and determined the Group Policy was being pushed from the R2 server across the VPN (the printers are shared from) rather than from the SBS Server on the local network (I need to fix this as well). Nothing in the results show or relate to printers.

    Any suggestions?