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Unistall of software over network

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  • Unistall of software over network

    I have created an msi of lightwave 3d 9.5 by using wininstall le. I need to unistall lightwave 3d 9 before I can run the 9.5 install. I tried using wininstall le (by installing lightwave 3d 9 tkaing a snapshot unistalling and taking a snapshot) but that didnt seem to work.

    Any ideas. Can the unistaller be run in a startup script or shutdown task?

    Any help or ideas greatly appreciated.

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    Re: Unistall of software over network



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      Re: Unistall of software over network

      Originally posted by jakelovatto View Post
      Why?? Did your thread get knocked off the bottom of the list by the multitude of other threads being replied to? I somehow doubt it.

      IF someone knows the answer, and IF someone has time between working, feeding the baby, eating their tea, drinking beer, talking to friends and so on - then they'll answer.

      If nobody knows the answer, noone WILL answer. I'm afraid that at this forum, you have to be patient... or risk alienating the very people who might be able to help.

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        Re: Unistall of software over network

        Damn, QOS is slipping here
        No definitive response in as long as SEVEN HOURS!
        Why do we pay for such a lousy service?

        Oh, wait a minute, we don't actually pay anything here, do we
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          Re: Unistall of software over network

          Is the installer scriptable, and can it be configured via a switch to uninstall the package? If so, then it can be run using a script. Otherwise, you're going to have to uninstall it manually.
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            Re: Unistall of software over network

            Check out the registry for the uninstall string.
            You might try that running from a startup script.
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