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Outllook 2003 Safe Sender List and GPO

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  • Outllook 2003 Safe Sender List and GPO


    I hope someone can help here.

    We need to be able to deploy a safe sender list using GPO to our email users.

    I've created the GPO using the Microsoft Office Outlook 2003 Administrative Templates and pointed the "Specify path to Safe Senders list" to the safe.txt we have created.

    I can see that the policy is being applied as other settings like "Junk Email Protection Level" are being set as per the GPO.

    However the Safe Senders List is not being ammended / populated.
    I have made sure the JunkMailImportLists registry value is present and set to 1.

    I'm stuck - any ideas or solutions ?

    Thanks in advance


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    Re: Outllook 2003 Safe Sender List and GPO

    Welcome to the site, Biggy

    Is the safe.txt on the C: drives of the clients or is it in a network location? Might be worth trying it on the OTHER one to where it is. Also, if it's in a network location, have you specified a UNC path or a mapped drive? Again - might be worth trying the other. Also check share permissions and NTFS permissions on the location.

    One last thing; does the txt file remain opened by the first client and therefore inaccessible to the next client and so on? Again - worth trying the text file on a C: drive location instead to see if the policy engine can read it from there.
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      Re: Outllook 2003 Safe Sender List and GPO

      Just to let you know and close this post off - i've managed to resolve the issue.

      I'm not sure how - its just started working.