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Internet site access control using gpo

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  • Internet site access control using gpo

    I am member of your site. But i facing problem in accessing site & login. need help on , how to control internet site access using GPO.
    To understand our need , i brief you my domain.
    We having single W2K3-R2 domain with 200 users accessing domain.All users are located across branches using static ip.To access internet we implemented IWSS (Trend Micro 2.5 ).
    User Request---IWSS---FireWall--Internet.
    Default all users need to open selected financial site , which are white list for us.Otherthan this site normal user cannot open any site.But sametime few users ( Managers ) need to open additional sites.
    Normal User :- Default White List Only
    Managers :- Default White List Only + Additional few sites.
    But, in IWSS not work like default all sites are block, we can define user vise site open.
    I would like to know , is there any way we can control internet site using GPO.

    Rahul Pawar

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    Re: Internet site access control using gpo

    You could use a group policy to ban users from *all* websites, but not to control which sites they can view. To do this you will need to install a proxy server such as ISA Server.
    Gareth Howells

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