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Screen Saver Timeout issue

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  • Screen Saver Timeout issue

    Our network uses Windows 2003 Active Directory with an OU for different divisions. We have a Root level GP that is fairly generic with a Screen Saver Timeout of 60 mins. Our OU has its own GP that includes a setting of the Screen Saver Timeout to 15 mins. We have users that belong to a different OU that are crosstrained to work for us and some of our users are crosstrained to work for them.

    The problem is that when John (from Division A) goes to work on one of our computers his 60 min timeout follows him which is a problem due to our security practices. When one of our folks goes to work for Division A, their 15 min timeout is an unwelcome event because they have to constantly re-login.

    We've looked at the Loop back option but our root level administrators are not willing to do that to all the computers that may be used by cross trained folks. Is there any way to configure the GP for these users so that it will consider what computer is being used and apply a timeout that's appropriate? The computer names in use very different conventions so that would be one way to go if it's at all possible.


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    Re: Screen Saver Timeout issue

    Originally posted by AustinBob View Post
    The computer names in use very different conventions so that would be one way to go if it's at all possible.
    You could use WMI filters for the GPOs;
    - ( more about the LIKE operator )
    - ( more about using WMI filters )

    • It is recommended that you use WMI filters primarily for exception management. They can be powerful solutions for targeting GPOs to specific users and computers, but because for each GPO with WMI filter the filter is evaluated at every startup/logon, they increase startup and logon time! Also, there is no time-out for WMI filters. Use them only when necessary!

    IMHO it is presumably better for your case to create one logonscript that configures the screensaver for the logged user by editing the registry. The script can compare the name (part of the name) of the computer and then depending on the computer it will set the screensaver options for the user.
    Just one script will perform a lot quicker then multiple GPO_with_WMI-filter on the OU! But of course, unfortunately the user will then be able to change the settings afterwards (Although, you could Hide the screensaver tab with a policy).



    The folowing solution might also work (never tested it! my self)
    Use a computer startup script to xcopy 'prefixed local-user-policy files' from a sharefolder to the local computer.
    xcopy /C /O /E /K /Y /D "\\server\share\ComputerIDENTYFIER*1\GroupPolicy\User\*.*" "%systemroot%\system32\GroupPolicy\User\"
    Configure for each category of computers a local user policy that is forcing the screensaver configuration.
    *1)This script should also be able to compare a part of the computername -> to determine the suitable path for downloading the correct localpolicy.
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