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    Hi all
    Under one domain, I have two OU on same level
    | |
    userOU groupOU
    My user account is in userOU and I belong to group name gp. gp is residing in group OU. Both userOU and groupOU has group policy applied. I am wondering which group policy will be effective on me? userOU or groupOU one? I am sure that first group policy that will going to apply on me in site, then domain and then it will be userOU or groupOU one?

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    Re: End result

    GP's are applied to users, not groups. So even though you are a member of a group in the group OU the GP will not be applied. Only the GP in the OU where your user object resides will be applied.

    This is the mnemonic (or acronym, or whatever) for GP application:

    L (local)
    S (Site)
    D (Domain)
    OU (Organizational Unit)
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