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  • policy not working

    I have a windows server 2003 r2 sp2. GP-MMC installed. ie7
    Desktops are windows xp sp3 ie 7 installed

    As of a week ago we had a systemwide shutdown to upgrade our A/C unit. We rebooted our servers no problems upon reboot or anything of that nature.

    I get a phone call from our head or OPS. stating that users passwords are not changing and that users are getting to the internet. I have had group polices contolling all that. all of a sudden they have stopped working.

    i have run a GP query and and a GP Modeling test on users and computers and they show up as disabled. i look at the settings tabs and all the policies show as enabled and that the correct groups (authenitacted users) are getting the proper policies, but they still fail.
    Even more so this is even more strange that some policies are working while others are not.
    someinsight would help greatly.
    thanks to all who reply

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    Re: policy not working

    have you checked the application and userenv logs?
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      Re: policy not working

      Check your DNS settings
      Also verify that sys folder is replicated among all DC's. You can see the logs on event viewer will describe you status of sys vol folder replication.
      All your users have restarted your computer? Restarting computer will help too in applying GP