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Confused on Permissions for My Docs Redirects

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  • Confused on Permissions for My Docs Redirects

    Hi all,

    I want to make sure I've done this right.

    I am working on a server in which redirects were applied for My Documents. The option in Group Policy to make access Exclusive was checked. I needed to setup a robocopy script to move files nightly to another folder for backup redundancy. (It's a temporary measure.)

    I followed the instructions here:

    I allowed a particular account in and given them full control. (In my case, the parent folder I applied the permissions to is D:\Redirects)

    In order to reapply permissions on all objects, I had to take ownership of the files and folders. Subfolders (the user folders) are not inheriting permissions from D:\Redirects)

    Here's where I'm confused:

    Creator Owner is set to Full Control on D:\Redirects, but even though I've reapplied ownership for each user on those objects in their folders, Effective Permissions doesn't show them to have full control on the objects.

    Is it because "Administrators" is the owner of D:\Redirects?

    My goal: Allow Administrators FC to ALL user's redirected folders and their contacts and to allow each uesr FC access to their own folder and objects.



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    Re: Confused on Permissions for My Docs Redirects

    Oy veh. I could've used /b